Sunday, September 30, 2007

T. J. Simers on the End of Roggin and Simers Squared

I've previously quoted some comments of T. J. Simers on the cancellation of Roggin and Simers Squared.

Simers said some more in his September 30 column in the Los Angeles Times:

DON MARTIN, the 570 program director who put Mancow on morning drive -- which goes to show you the man knows a little about radio in L.A., made the decision last week that Dan Patrick's national sports show would be better than the Roggin & Simers local mishmash.

Hard to argue -- what with the chance to still get paid for the next three months and at the same time sleep in. One look at Roggin and you can tell he could use the sleep.

The decision to call it quits at contract's end in December had actually already been made -- the old man on Page 2 informing Martin recently he could no longer take the early hours and the abuse from Miss Radio Personality, who obviously takes after her mother.

So Roggin & Simers Squared is no more, lasting about as long as Dennis Miller on "Monday Night Football" and never coming close to the success enjoyed by Vic the Brick.

Come to think of it, even Mancow lasted longer.

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