Thursday, January 24, 2008

Political Stove Top, 24 January 2008

Baratunde has questions that he wishes he could ask the leading Democratic candidates, including one about Clinton's claimed 35 years of experience (but he has questions for Obama and Edwards also).

Extreme Mortman brings up a blast from my past (see my comment) regarding Bush aping George McGovern.

In a similar vein Debra Saunders (in Real Clear Politics) says that Romney isn't a conservative either.

Red Stick Rant deals with an ABB (anonymous Baba Booey for Ron Paul). Clifford links to this item for context.

Extreme Mortman discusses equal time for sleeping executives. Although if Bill were to claim "I did not have nocturnal relations with that chair," Obama would apparently be shocked.

Doug's Darkworld talks about the economy, stupid, including the question of whether stimuli truly stimulate.

Baratunde notes that an Onion story about Bill Clinton running for President topped Memeorandum.

From Davos, Trudy Rubin asks if America is irrelevant. (Didn't that same question arise last year?)

Speaking of Davos...

Millennium Development Goals? Oh, the Episcopalian thing? I thought I covered that in the religious Stove Top.

Back to Clinton. Dave Winer Obama.

And Red Stick Rant links to Libertarian Republican (which, if you believe those currently in control of the Republican Party, is an oxymoron).

And how come a tax that was supposed to be levied on producers is actually being paid by consumers? Umm...economics, perhaps?

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