Thursday, January 24, 2008

If V-n-ss- H-dg-ns were blogging, she'd probably do the same thing

I checked my Google Analytics for the first time in a couple of days, and noticed some unusual traffic for my Kim Amidon post, in which it was postulated that Amidon was fired for the crime of being old.

Then I analyzed the situation further, and discovered that the traffic was not due to interest in Amidon, or in KOST radio, or in Clear Channel business practices in general.

Nope. The traffic was due to my title, in which I reversed the usual policy of pairing an older man with a younger woman, and instead paired Barbara Walters with the male star of "High School Musical."

And we wonder why Clear Channel does what it does. Use of young people obviously gets results.

Mark Wallengren, better update your resume. That goes for you too, Rick Dees, Gene Baxter, Kevin Beyeler, Brian Phelps, Mark Thompson, et al. Heck, Ryan Seacrest is looking a little long in the tooth. Is Clear Channel scanning Tiger Beat for its newest stars?

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