Thursday, January 24, 2008

Religious Stove Top, 24 January 2008

I have so many backlogged Google Reader shared items that I'm performing a divide and conquer on them.

Red Stick Rant observes that the Episcopal Church is using United Nations programs in a liturgical way.

According to one view (in TechCrunch), our U.S. ally Afghanistan is sentencing someone to death for defaming Islam via an item printed off the Internet. (Although csalomonlee has another, badly mangled interpretation of why the man was sentenced to die.)

Mark Daniels links to his son, who examines the question last examined by Haddaway: what is love?

Mark Daniels (again) writes in RedBlueChristian about the speech that JFK never delivered, and what would happen if this faith-tinged speech were to be delivered today.

A different Mark is reading the Bible in one year. He's looking at Esau's marriage choices.

Lewis Green creates the acronym PEWS (People, Experiences, Wants, Social) to describe a new approach to secular marketing, based partially upon his conclusion that "a church is represented by its people, who are there to serve and be served." I disagree with Green, and too many churches who see themselves as "serving the people" instead of "serving God" are going to fall by the wayside.

Perhaps you've heard (I heard it first from True Discernment) that "The Three Little Cowboy Builders" has been deemed offensive to Asians (Muslims?) and builders. And yes, it will be interesting if Animal Farm is censored on these grounds.

And Allan R. Bevere does stove tops, also, only under a different title (Internet Wanderings).

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