Monday, January 28, 2008

You say PREH mier, I say pre MEERE, let's call the whole thing off

While tweeting last night, I made several references to this post in EPL Talk but didn't link to it at the time (I was on mobile Twitter). Better late than never.

You would think that if you were in charge of a soccer TV network that your on-air personalities would know how to correctly pronounce the name of the flagship league that your channel carries....

The league name in question is the “Premier League.” Watching Fox Soccer Channel, it’s appalling how many times the on-air personalities mispronounce the name of the league. Obviously, no one is correcting them behind-the-scenes, so the problem gets worse. It sets a poor example for those viewers who don’t realize the league name is being pronounced incorrectly, and the issue perpetuates itself.

FSC on-air personalities pronounce the name of the league as if it’s spelled “Premiere League.” Instead, it should be pronounced “Prem-ier League” with an emphasis on “Prem.”

I actually ended up monitoring the Fox Soccer Report yesterday evening to see what the Winnipeg-based Derek and Carlos said, but it was an FA Cup weekend so I only heard a couple of references to "Premiership" (first syllable emphasis) before I fell asleep.

But gstew was paying attention:

The guys on the Fox Soccer Report say it the correct English way all the time but there are a few others that don’t....If all of the guys on Fox Soccer Report can pronounce it the English way then they should all be doing it. When they say “Serie A” they pronounce it like an Italian would so why shouldn’t they do the same for this.

Of course, my wife yells at me for pronouncing "pasta" like "faster," so I'm obviously not the authority on this. Especially since I misspelled the name of the league while tweeting last night.

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