Friday, January 4, 2008

Hashtagging Bullheadedness, Part Two


My latest hashtagging adventure occurred yesterday afternoon, as I was wondering if there was a commonly used hashtag for the Iowa caucuses.

Much has changed since October - most notably, has been created as a tracker of selected hashtags used on Twitter. (You have to follow @hashtags for your Twitter hashtags to show up at So I went to and searched the recently active hashtags. I was directed to the following tweet from Cody Marx Bailey a/k/a @superphly:

@superflippy I'm trying to get folks to use #iowa to report #caucus stuff - spread the word.

This happens to have been the fourth time that Bailey had used the hashtag #iowa. Ironically enough, Bailey has not tweeted since (at least as of 7:40 am), so therefore has not used the [CORRECTED 7:54] hashtag since.

I, on the other hand, proceeded to use the #iowa hashtag 48 times (and counting).


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