Friday, January 4, 2008

Hashtagging Bullheadedness, Part Three


So at the end of an election night in which I was using Cody Marx Bailey's suggested #iowa hashtag, I happened to see this tweet from Gabe Wachob:

I am dominating with #obama talk

I responded:

@gwachob i took the #iowa hashtag and ran with it, but that is literally becoming yesterday's news

I then proceeded to tweet:

i'm warming up for my state (california) primary, but do i use #california or #caprimary or something else?

Now remember what I did in October (see the first post in this series). Back then, while I went ahead and selected my preferred hashtag for Oracle OpenWorld 2007, I subsequently modified my stance, and my hashtag, going so far as to officially retire the use of the hashtag that I originally chose (while maintaining it on old blog posts for historical purposes).

Well, I've thought about the California primary overnight, and I've decided on the hashtag that I will use on my California primary Twitter posts. (I'll continue to use the generic "politics" label here on the mrontemp blog.)

And this time I'm sticking to it.


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