Friday, January 4, 2008

Hashtagging Bullheadedness, Part One

I'm going to try something and see if it sticks.

By way of contrast, let me remind you of what happened last October, as the San Diego fire was raging and I was preparing for Oracle OpenWorld. Thinking about hashtags, I wrote this:

[T]here is still the challenge of how to disseminate approved hashtags, and what to do when multiple hashtags are used.

I have a very personal example of this. Back when I decided to adopt a label for all of my Oracle OpenWorld 2007 posts, I chose the label "openworld2007."...However, Technorati user rmanalan is using the tag oow2007, and two users are using oracle+openworld+2007; in fact, I appear to be the only person in Technorati that is using the "openworld2007" tag.

Since I am not an influential person in the Oracle community, I did not think it appropriate for me to insist on the use of my tag. Instead, I explored the issue further and asked some questions, then decided to abide with Justin Kestelyn's suggested convention:

The official tag for OpenWorld content is:


And subsequent to that, I think most everyone used "openworld07." Although I confess that y2k instilled a hatred for two digit years. Oh well, it's short.


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