Thursday, January 3, 2008

Baba Booeys - Ron Who?

After 3+ hours of watching TV political coverage, followed by a cleansing period of watching the Fox Soccer Report, one thing needs to be said.

For months, we've heard how the MSM or the Trilateral Commission or whoever have conspired to suppress citizen support of Ron Paul.

Well, now that actual election results are in - well, if you consider Iowa an election - we can now celebrate how real citizens have spoken and placed Ron Paul in first place in the Iowa Republican caucuses.

Eh...we can't.

Well, we can celebrate Paul's second place finish behind Huckabee.

Eh...we can't.

OK; third?


Wait a minute - Ron Paul is more popular in Iowa than a New York city mayor!

Spin is good.

Baba booeys, you'll be able to vote for Ron Paul in November...on the Libertarian ticket.

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