Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Figure Eight, Part Two

I guess that I didn't get seven people mad at me after all.

Back on Saturday, I participated in the meme “Eight things you (probably) didn’t know about me” and then proceeded to tag eight people.

To my surprise, some of these people have chosen to participate. As I've already noted, Shawn Zehnder Lea has posted her eight items. Here's her item number one.

Even if I complain, I secretly love memes. (In fact, I even propagated a meme about memes once. It was a self-fulfilling prophesy.) But I've always hated the word "meme." I know not why.

Mrs. Loquacious has also participated. Here's her item number two.

I (used to) have a very bad habit of falling. As a child, I scraped my knees more times than I can count, and many of these scrapes removed several layers of skin. I remember having gauze and bandages on my knees for a week at a time. As an adult, my heels (and I do usually give myself at least 1.5" of "boost") have this tendency of catching on the side of a crack on the pavement, or on the edge of a stair, or on a pathway leading to a house. I have torn several pairs of pants in the knees from my falls, including denim jeans of impressive thickness. My knees are actually scarred up from all the spills I've had over the course of my life, and my last two falls were only a couple of weeks ago. It is embarrassing, especially when my tumbles land me face down on the ground, kissing the pavement. Lip gloss really attracts speckles of dirt, let me tell you!

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