Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Figure Eight, Part Eleven G

Well, the 8 items meme is getting around all over the place. Eventually Jake Kuramoto got into the act. Here's his first item.

I am half-Japanese, as you might guess from comparing my surname with my outward appearance. My grandparents on my father’s side were interned during World War II, and my aunt was born in a camp. I have the apology letters sent to my grandparents by George Bush Senior to prove it. That’s right, it took 40 some years for the government to apologize.

But the fascinating part is what happened after Jake continued the meme. He called his version of the meme "Orablog Tag," and it turns out that lots of people like to play Orablog Tag. I don't know if this is due to the qualities of Jake's friends, or whether Oracle users are more into these types of things, or what.

The items listed below are ones that happened to pop up in my Google Reader feed. There may be more Orablog Tag entries floating around out there.

Here's Floyd Teter's second item:

My family roots are German and Dutch. In fact, I grew up being pretty fluent in German as well as English. I don't speak German so well anymore, as I'm out of practice, but I still read it very well.

And here's Dan Norris' third item:

I was a crew trainer at McDonald’s when I was 16. Only those that have experienced it can attest to the permanent smell of recon onions and pickles that sticks around for 2-3 days after you work a shift on the grill. I made the biscuits (at 4:30am) back when McDonald’s used to make fresh biscuits in every location. They’re shipped in frozen now–fresh was better. Also note that if you ever saw a McRib before they covered it in that sauce, you’d never eat one again.

Justin Kestelyn also participated. Here's his fourth item.

I'm a Clash City Rocker. "The Only Band That Matters."

Here's John Stouffer's fifth item (posted at Floyd Teter's blog).

I got my degree in the mail and then spent one year going to law school. Law has nothing to do with right or wrong. It’s about who can bill the most money. So I became a billable Oracle consultant.

And the sixth item from Rich Manalang:

I have two older brothers (4 years apart) whose names also start with an “R” (Ray and Ron). My dad’s name is Robert. Don’t ask.

Time for the seventh item from Eddie Awad, who chose to respond in video form. For his seventh item, he chose to discuss his recently acquired U.S. citizenship.

For the eighth item in this post, let's go to Chris Muir.

I've 4 pleasures in my life, of which my partner Jenny and my toddler daughter Emily are the 2 most important, while cycling and reading are the other simpler 2. I'm still working on a daring plan to combine all 4, but might have to wait until Emily is old enough to read and Jenny will agree to do all the work on a tandem.

So let's take the ninth item from...wait a minute. Let's go back to item 1, from Laurent Schneider:

I was born in 1971 and have a younger brother who will get married this year

And the meme keeps on going.

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Jake said...

I would have retagged you, but it seemed moot. So, I threw the trackback in there instead.

I've been trying to get to know the people I met at OOW a bit better, so this is a combination of that and post-holiday news dearth.

Thanks for collecting them. I think I'll check back in a few weeks with a mememap or something visual to show the spread.

Ontario Emperor said...

A mememap is an excellent idea. I wish there were some way to construct such a thing automatically, because this meme has taken off like hotcakes, even before it infiltrated the Oracle world.

Jake said...

Not everyone agrees, some dude named Howard Rogers left me Haterade in comments. His blog had a post on how much he hates it, but he took down the whole thing ( I guess he didn't want to be the guy who sends a "don't spam this list" to the dlist.

I guess some people should just shut about themselves and feed the readers with content.

Ontario Emperor said...

If you haven't seen it, I commented extensively on the Howard Rogers issue in three posts on Friday.


Dizwell said...

Not everyone agrees, some dude named Howard Rogers left me Haterade in comments. His blog had a post on how much he hates it, but he took down the whole thing ( I guess he didn't want to be the guy who sends a "don't spam this list" to the dlist.

I left you nothing of the kind. I've said you're an idiot for starting this, and -apart from trying to explain the exact nature of the damage that you've done- that's it. I don't know you personally, I know nothing about you technically, and I think your actions have been foolish and damaging. But "hate" doesn't even begin to come into it.

Similarly, my blog didn't say "I hate this". It said that your "game" had been specifically designed to create an exponential flood of traffic which would crowd out 'good information' from blog aggregators. The actual quote is:

"Could I please ask that the blog ‘tagging’ as it seems to be known stop right now? A blog is a vehicle in which one can share things about yourself at any time, but to deliberately set out to generate an exponential flood of material that distracts and overwhelms technical stuff… well, it seems perverse to me."

It's bad enough you started this nonsense. That you now put words in my mouth and attribute to me emotions I don't feel is, I guess, par for the course.