Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Read this. Now.

The Last Girl on Earth, and her dog, visit terminally ill patients in the oncology ward of St. Vincent's Hospital in New York. This excerpt touched me:

The second floor I went to was the oncology ward. There were quite a few terminally ill people there. It was so very intense for me to make the rounds there. But once again, Rosie [the dog] was AMAZING. It was like she KNEW these people didn’t have long, and she was going to do everything she could to make them smile. I put her on several beds and she licked and loved her way into the hearts of a few people who couldn’t tell me enough how much it meant to them to have her visit them today.

One woman in particular touched me to my core. Her family were all there with her, and when I put Rosie on this woman’s bed, she didn’t hesitate to trot up to this lady’s chin and give her a big ‘ole lick. Her son got a picture of Rosie giving his mother a kiss. It was such a touching, emotional moment for everyone in the room.

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