Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Playing around with Flickr groups

I've just spent a good deal of time exploring Flickr groups and adding my pictures to various groups. Here's some information on the groups that are now associated with my Flickr account:

  • Starbucks. I haven't contributed anything to this group yet, but I'm sure I will.

  • Hotels. I put a few of my hotel pictures from Anaheim and San Francisco in this group.

  • Inland Empire. This was a natural for me to join.

  • Washington Redskins. I haven't contributed anything yet, but I like the group.

  • Upland, R.C., Ontario, Claremont local. This is a more focused group which I've joined to share some of my very local photos.

  • Motorola Q Users. I joined this group just so I'd have a place to share this photo.

  • History Directory. I haven't taken any truly historical pictures since I joined Flickr, but perhaps I will.

  • Oracle OpenWorld - 2007. A number of my Oracle OpenWorld 2007 pictures were shared here. I believe this is the first group that I joined.

  • Kohl's Department Store. I was actually asked to join this group after I took a few snapshots in a Kohl's one evening.

  • Frozen Pea Friday. More information on frozen peas can be found here.
I usually access Flickr via my aforementioned Motorola Q phone, although, as I've noted previously, I can't view group photos from this platform.

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