Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Difference of Opinion on Tweetgift

In case you haven't heard of Tweetgift, here's the explanation from the Tweetgift website:

tweetgift is a simple way to show a little appreciation to a friend. all you need is a twitter account. just reply to tweetgift and use our syntax to send gifts to your friends. every gift starts with @tweetgift, then a friend's username, and the gift with an optional message.

example: @tweetgift @mattmc song for a job well done.

Biz Stone, who obviously wants to increase use of Twitter, loves the Tweetgift idea:

OMG this is fun: Virtual gifts over Twitter...

example: @tweetgift @biz trophy for a job well done.

But Scott Beale (@laughingsquid), who received a tweetgift from me and doesn't know me from Adam (hopefully he knows me from Eve), is not quite so hot on the idea:

ha, I just received an @tweetgift, what's next, @tweetpokes & @tweetzombies, could this be the start of the Facebookization of Twitter?

Mike Doeff (@mdoeff) agrees:

@laughingsquid i'm hoping that Twitter remains a poke-free zone

I hope that Twitter doesn't become Facebooked, because then Twitter might kick me off for not using my birth name. And I guess that Scott and Mike do have some valid concerns about pokes. Think about what could happen.

Pixelspread mentions another little feature of Tweetgift:

[G]o to to see your own profile, what gifts you’ve received and what gifts you’ve given.

Based on the current results at, it's better to give than to receive.

Incidentally, it's too bad that the personal pages don't list the reasons for the gifts. It's nice to know that @susanreynolds has received three trophies, but it would be nicer to know why.

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Anonymous said...

The real sad thing is that there's no way NOT to be gifted one of those things. I refuse your gifts! So there! I suppose you could ban France or something crazy.

Matt said...

you can see the reasons gifts are sent on the personal pages, just hover over the username