Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why George George Will Never Go to South Central when Stephen Marley is Singing

Red Stick Rant has written The Man On The Grassy Knoll Leaves A Comment.

And it all started here. (Since I've already reposted the entire comment once, I'm just including excerpts below.)

My name is Tannie Lee Braziel. My story has been a part of Mind Control Forum for about 10 years....

Please go to my site and look at the links for the 1977 MK-Ultra Senate Hearings on psychotronic/ non-lethal weaponry attacks on the American population. Also, please look at the link for the U.S. patent numbers which have been assigned to many types of non-lethal weaponry, and which is used by the NSA and CIA on American citizens....

Then, also, plesae look at former President Bill Clinton's letter which denies the existence of such weaponry and attacks, directed to Julianne McKinney, who disappeared afterwards, I believe, by violence of Bill Clinton and his criminal administration. In fact, after I exposed Clinton and his wife on my former website (amazonco.com) for their criminal activities in Mena, Arkansas for drug trafficking, gangsterism, money laundering and the murder of two young boys; and for the Whitewater affair at their Rose Law Firm (the investigation of which was quashed during his administration, the Clintons became part of the group of my tormentors. They have, with President George Bush, committed many violent acts against my body and mind, along with other names in the news, including other politicians of the Bush administration and entertainment celecbrities, which violent acts are composed of painful attacks with energy to my head, and unconscionable attacks to my genitals. They have demanded that I give Hillary Clinton my life and body (especially, my face and skin), along with my job as a teacher, teaching credential, college degree and my assets. George Bush has tortured me to force me to give him my identity, and says that he and I are one person -- sometimes he's on the west coast as me teaching school, and sometimes he is in Washington or elsewhere acting as President....

Incidentally, this reminds me that I have to add the Stephen Marley song "Mind Control" to my last.fm playlist. But I digress.

Anyway, here's the latest chapter, filed by "Anonymous" (I suspect either Barack Obama, or a liberal Episcopalian, for reasons that only the Trilateral Commission know):

Actually there are many victims of organized electronic harassment and stalking all over the nation who are intelligent and sane, but victims of psychological abuse and torture. The "dirty tricks" and tactics perpetrated on these victims are meant to discredit them and distract them from seeking support or having their voice heard. Because these patterns of abuse span years (some decades) and is so foreign -- burning sensations on their bodies; intimidation and anxiety through surveillance; thefts; vandalism; and sometimes physical harm -- that the victims often are swayed to blaming incorrect sources. This is naturally done by the perpetrators to conceal their nature, and most often suggested to the victims sub-aurally, so their thoughts are distorted without them realizing it. They are not to blame, what is happening to them is real. For these accounts one must dig deeper than their theories of what or whom is causing this programmed harassment, but to documented evidence of crimes and their testimony as to actual occurrences of targeted harassment and stalking. We as intelligent beings need to go beyond the "UFO" and find out exactly what _is_ happening (spy planes). Don't get caught up in the hype, read true victims accounts and then do a little digging, as Ms. Braziel has.

Incidentally, Ms. Braziel is apparently still in a leadership position in United Teachers Los Angeles.

Your UTLA Substitute Teachers Committee representatives and Steering Committee

Substitutes Director, UTLA Board of Directors: Leonard Segal

Substitute Committee Chair: Dave Peters

Chapter Chair South Calling Area: Robert Rivers (Southcentral@pacbell.net), Co-Chair: Elizabeth Bahn

Chapter Chair Central Calling Area: Dave Peters, Co-Chair: Eddie Smith

Chapter Chair North Calling Area: Leonard Segal

Secretary of Substitute Teacher Committee: Tannie Lee Braziel

Steering Committee: In addition to the elected officials, volunteers have enthusiastically come forward to support the Substitute Committee Chair by forming a steering committee. If you are interested in participating, please feel free to contact individual members or write Jane Finstrom at janefinstrom@earthlink.net.

Email communications: Dave Peters and Leonard Segal

Grievances and write-ups: Dave Peters

Substitute powerbase development: George George

Substitutes interested in improving the quality of education for our students: Thomas Kelly

Video communications: Daryl Bohanan

But Braziel isn't the biggest concern in that group. First off, doesn't Robert Rivers know that "South Central" is politically incorrect? Second off, what's with "George George"?

But my big question - what would happen if Dubya inhabited Tannie Lee Braziel's body while she was at a UTLA meeting? That could be explosive.

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