Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Addenda to Miss Rogue's Travel Tips

I raved about these in Twitter, even though I am somewhat constrained by MegaCorp rules and cannot follow all of them. (For example, our preferred carrier is United.) But here are some ideas (some from Miss Rogue, some from me) that I can follow, even under corporate restrictions:

  • Fewer connections. While I can't "pay a premium" (without justification) to get fewer connections, there are other ways to treat this baby. Number of connections is just a symptom - the actual problem is lost luggage. After my luggage was delayed because of an O'Hare connection with less than an hour to spare, my (then) boss told me, "Don't do that." Long layovers don't bother me much, since I live on the west coast; any travel to the east coast is going to take an entire day, so just resign yourself to that.

  • Colorful luggage tags. Actually I haven't followed this one lately, because I had a really bright green luggage tag that somehow disappeared during a flight. I guess the secret is to choose something so hideous that no one would dare steal it. Does Rick Dees make luggage tags?

  • Fanciness of luggage. My favorite piece of luggage is Sharper Image branded. And even it's broken. 'Nuff said. And don't forget that the jumping gorilla was for hardside luggage; DO NOT LET A GORILLA JUMP ON SOFTSIDE LUGGAGE.

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