Friday, August 31, 2007

Reggae, Reggie, Whatever You Call It

It isn't often that I can work a Stephen Marley song and a Zippy the Pinhead reference (no link, sorry - the comic was published in the late 1970s or early 1980s) into a blog post title.

Back in the old blog, I wrote a post about mind control.

Last night, someone added this comment to the post:

My name is Tannie Lee Braziel. My story has been a part of Mind Control Forum for about 10 years. My new website domain is Amazon Web World,
Please go to my site and look at the links for the 1977 MK-Ultra Senate Hearings on psychotronic/ non-lethal weaponry attacks on the American population. Also, please look at the link for the U.S. patent numbers which have been assigned to many types of non-lethal weaponry, and which is used by the NSA and CIA on American citizens. Also, please read the letter to me from William Filer, a current or former NSA agent, who telephoned me and e-mailed the information which the link "NSA" on my website. Then, also, plesae look at former President Bill Clinton's letter which denies the existence of such weaponry and attacks, directed to Julianne McKinney, who disappeared afterwards, I believe, by violence of Bill Clinton and his criminal administration. In fact, after I exposed Clinton and his wife on my former website ( for their criminal activities in Mena, Arkansas for drug trafficking, gangsterism, money laundering and the murder of two young boys; and for the Whitewater affair at their Rose Law Firm (the investigation of which was quashed during his administration, the Clintons became part of the group of my tormentors. They have, with President George Bush, committed many violent acts against my body and mind, along with other names in the news, including other politicians of the Bush administration and entertainment celecbrities, which violent acts are composed of painful attacks with energy to my head, and unconscionable attacks to my genitals. They have demanded that I give Hillary Clinton my life and body (especially, my face and skin), along with my job as a teacher, teaching credential, college degree and my assets. George Bush has tortured me to force me to give him my identity, and says that he and I are one person -- sometimes he's on the west coast as me teaching school, and sometimes he is in Washington or elsewhere acting as President. He has tortured me incessantly by throwing painful energy attacks at my womb area to change me "into a man" so he can impersonate me in peace -- as a man. When I dress for work each morning, they torture my body and genitals, and Bush dares me to wear a bra and pantyhose, because he can't. He has tortured me to force me to give him my credit union VISA card for the last two years; and to force me to worship his father as God. He, the Clintons and others, including Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy (who attended the 1977 MK-Ultra Senate Hearings, but did nothing about it to this date) threaten my life to force me to stop being a Christian and to become a Satanist, as they say they are. Since I have become a teacher, many more attackers have joined in, and I will be more than happy to give the names. Please check my website's "mind control" for a list of politicians and entertainment celebrities (who have been alligned in politics for years) who are a part of the group of my attackers with many others who have joined in for sport.

I will be filing a class action lawsuit on behalf of all victims of mind control by the end of this year or the first of next year, and will use my 39 years of legal experience and first year law school training to sue the NSA and the CIA for the crimes they have committed and have been getting away with for decades against us, the American people, who make it possible with our taxes for them to have jobs, so that they can use our own tax money to torture us to death.

I'm not sure why it will take so long for Tammie to file her lawsuit. Jonathan Lee Riches can file lawsuits within days.

Of course, if you have ex-presidents torturing your genitals, it may take you longer to complete basic tasks.

Although she did file this lawsuit in Texas earlier this year.

I don't know if the lawsuit and planned lawsuit are adversely affecting her abilities to serve as a Secretary for the Substitute Teachers Committee of United Teachers Los Angeles.

Someone tell Mirthala so she can tell Antonio.

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GrimmReality said...

The time it took Tammie to file the lawsuit is Mind control in itself. I think she needs a Grimm Reality Roadside Gynecological Exam, and Fast!

Ontario Emperor said...

I have never placed "UTLA" and "sexy" in the same sentence. Call me a baby seal clubber, but that's how I feel.