Sunday, November 4, 2007

Some Oracle OpenWorld stuff

A week from right now, I anticipate I will be in San Francisco. As the time nears, the Oracle OpenWorld chatter is increasing.

Eddie Awad has his badge (I have mine too) and is making his plans:

Apart from the sessions, here are some of the things that I’ll be doing during the conference (so far):

Sunday afternoon, briefing with the database product team followed by the Oracle ACE dinner.
Monday 9:45 AM, podcast with Justin (unless it’s rescheduled).
Monday 6:00 PM, AppsLab meetup.
Monday 7:30 PM, OTN night.
Tuesday 7:00PM, blogger meetup.
Wednesday 8:00 PM, the OpenWorld Festival.

This will be the first year that I've been able to go to the blogger meetup. Not that I'm an A-list blogger (and I would not presume to claim the privileges of an A-list blogger - anyway, my employer is picking up the tab), but it should be a good event, and I figure I'm making a contribution to the Oracle blogosphere in some bizarre way ("beanbags" and "hashtags" rhyme...hmm).

One thing that I have done in the past is participate in a podcast with Justin Kestelyn (no, not as "Ontario Emperor," expert on bean bag pillows, but as the MegaCorp employee who says database stuff which our DBA knows much better than I do). To my knowledge the podcast never aired, but it was a good experience. (Incidentally, I participated in several press opportunities that week - this occurred during Oracle OpenWorld 2006 - and I have to say that Oracle is VERY organized in these matters. Kudos to them.)

Speaking of Justin Kestelyn, he has shared a little more about the No Slide Zone:

The NSZ is essentially an "experimental" track in which you can see popular presenters (such as Tom Kyte) work in unconventional session formats, such as fishbowls, reverse panels, and virtual whiteboarding. It should be a nice breath of fresh air for PPT haters (and I'm one of them). There also happens to be a lot of very interesting content about Oracle Database 11g and Fusion Middleware that you didn't know (and won't learn about anywhere else at the show).

Decisions, decisions. What sessions do we cover, and what sessions do we skip and download the slides later? Oh, wait - there ARE no slides. Duh...

Meanwhile, Floyd Teter (who appeared here before) is also talking. As you know, Oracle is in fifty zillion different markets today, and many of us are only interested in a little piece of Oracle's business. Floyd will have one primary goal next week:

I need one thing from Oracle OpenWorld above all others: information on Fusion Applications. Oracle hasn't shared much on Fusion Apps up to this point in time and, as I've written in the past, they have understandable reasons for playing their cards close to the chest.

Now, however, we're getting relatively close to the planned 2008 releases. Like many customers I've talked with, I'm getting frustrated over the limitations on my ability to plan due to the lack of available information on Fusion Apps.

Floyd still hasn't found what he's looking for, but maybe Moscone will provide it to him.

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