Monday, October 1, 2007

This Ain't No Column Inches

Truemors links to an article about very big advertisements.

Fledgling company Ad-Air has announced plans to target airline passengers with enormous flight path ads at the world’s busiest airports. The first of its kind project will see digitally printed ad skins of 20,000 square meters (215,000 square feet) – that twice the size of London’s Trafalgar Square – placed within view of window seat passengers....

The actual construction of the ads will include a non-permanent frame at just above ground level; the surrounding fencing, and where applicable, landscaping to ensure that it is not visible to local residents and passers-by. Where placed over fertile land, the digital ads will be printed on a lightweight, durable woven PVC mesh that allows air and moisture through to maintain the soil beneath. In other locations, sheet vinyl will be used.

Ad Air states:

These advertisements are enormous. Our standard offering is 20,000m2 that’s nearly 3 times the size of manchester united’s football pitch at old trafford
nearly 4 times the size of the Dallas Cowboys’ football field.

But the ads won't do any good on a cloudy day.

And I guess Tony Romo is a wimp with his itty-bitty field.

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