Sunday, September 30, 2007

I gotta pay attention to this furniture stuff

When Tom Peterson of SE 82nd Street in Portland, Oregon had the arrows pointing at his head, I was more excited by the technology stuff (or what passed for technology 25+ years ago) than I was by the furniture stuff.

But now furniture and technology are interwoven:

Internet Databases, a leading furniture industry web development company, is pleased to announce that A.R.T Furniture has launched the order management extranet FurnishWEB. FurnishWEB is a monthly subscription service that offers powerful sales automation and customer service capabilities in a simple, easy-to-use package.

"We are pleased with our new association with the industry web service," said CEO Ed Grund of A.R.T. Furniture, "We see FurnishWEB as supporting our future."

The FurnishWEB system publishes product and order information, stock availability and other reports online in a secure environment which allows A.R.T. Furniture's sales force and customers to proactively answer their own inquiries on orders and inventory, thereby improving response time and accuracy. "FurnishWEB will assist our sales and customer service teams in accommodating our continued growth" said Mr. Grund. "Our sales representatives are very enthusiastic about the order entry and email collaboration aspects of the program. And we're already improving our communication during the sales and order process"....

A.R.T., a four-year old company with twenty full collections of furniture, appeals to upper moderate to better furniture retailers. The company, headquartered in Ontario, California, has a new 40,000 square feet showroom in High Point and also a permanent showroom in World Market Center in Las Vegas.

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