Sunday, October 14, 2007

The latest on Susan Kuronen


Finland for Thought has posted a couple of items on Susan Kuronen. Here's one (quoted from a columnist):

Could the worries of Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen (Centre) about the limits to his own privacy be the road to self-censorship of the media?

Will it lead to us journalists becoming wary of spreading information that might be objectionable to Vanhanen? Will we for instance henceforth refrain from any references to his romantic adventures before the rings have been exchanged or before Vanhanen has himself promised to publish news of his dating?

And here's another:

Today I was at Crazy Days and I went into Stockmann’s bookstore, and there before my eyes were hundreds of biographies for sale, many of which were labeled “unauthorized”. Shouldn’t all these authors be investigated by the police and possibly prosecuted and/or sued?? How exactly are any of these biographies any different than what Susan Kuronen did in her book about Finland’s Prime Minister?

Many of the biographies I saw were labeled “memoirs”, isn’t Susan’s book simply her memoirs? Aren’t all the biographies I saw invading the privacy of their subjects? Aren’t all the autobiographies I saw invading the privacy of everyone who had a friendship or relationship with the author?

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