Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When Cory Briggs Fails, What Will the New Employees Watch?

Good timing by Finland for Thought, who links to a video which Phil guesses is for real. The video, available at, is apparently a Wal Mart employee orientation video that says how ineffective unions are, and how great Wal Mart is in implementing employee suggestions.

The video is available not at a Wal Mart site, but at the website of Paul French & Partners.

Headquartered in this century-old rock store, Paul French & Partners, Inc. has helped corporations, legal practices and nonprofit organizations take full advantage of their communication opportunities for more than 36 years.

Video productions that motivate, educate, persuade and empower are created here from concept to distribution. Management training, training videos, labor relations videos, and employee benefits strategies are just some of the topics PF&P has handled for many of the nation's largest organizations.

Their labor relations videos are here, by the way.

And yes, Wal Mart is on their client list, as are a number of other large companies.

For the record, Paul French & Partners is located in Georgia. Who says Wal Mart doesn't buy American?

P.S. Check out the rap musical coming from management.

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