Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Join the line, Jonathan

If anyone was counting on David Beckham to save U.S. soccer in general or the Los Angeles Galaxy in particular, it hasn't happened.

Who knows - someone might be angry enough to sue Beckham for this failure.

Jonathan Lee Riches wants to sue him, but for other reasons. Let's go to Dreadnaught to get details on the latest:

Beckham uses soccer balls that satellite precision guided. British agent James Bond and Pakistani Intelligence sit in the stands with a remote. Soccer balls are mobbed into the net after Beckham touches it. Beckham goal stats go up, more commercials for him. He gets a Key to any U.S. city. Iraqi National bank loot. Beckham kicks back funds to Buckingham palace.

Yeah, like the Queen needs the money.

Posh Spice uses Old Spice deodorant.

So I guess Emma Bunton uses Young Spice?

Every game world wide David Beckham wears the Jonathan Lee Riches© logo on his shirt.

Um, Mr. Riches, if Beckham is wearing your logo and you're not paying him advertising fees, perhaps Beckham should be suing YOU.

More here, including an allegation of David Beckham pulling an Oscar De La Hoya.

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