Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shiri Leventhal, Three Weeks After the Blue Planet Run Ended

Have you ever needed a vacation to recover from your vacation?

What if your "vacation" consisted of running around the world?

It’s been three weeks since the run ended, yet amazingly and surprisingly, it feels longer. I wasn’t sure how I would adjust to the freedom of life outside the confined walls of the run, whether I would be able to wake up at a decent hour on my own, have the motivation to run with no directions, eat whenever I want, and just be able to sit, relax, and do nothing if I so choose. I have found though, that strangely…it is almost as if the run never happened. I have fallen back into a normal life (if you can call mine that) without any conflicts, enjoying the luxury of freedom and choices more than ever before. I find myself lucky to have found the adjustment phase this easy, and I fully credit my current lack of schedule and responsibilities. Unlike the other runners, most of whom returned to families, jobs, homes, and their old life, I have been thrown into the middle of a big unknown…struggling to find some order or plan. I have no home right now, no job, no plan, and no idea when I will. I fluctuate between sincerely enjoying it, and then at the same time forcing myself to enjoy it.

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