Thursday, September 27, 2007

Reaction to the Roggin and Simers Squared Cancellation

As I previously noted, KLAC AM 570 has cancelled Roggin and Simers Squared in favor of Dan Patrick. Subsequent to my original posting, there have been other reactions.

Awful Announcing:

Dan Patrick is officially on KLAC-AM in Los Angeles and to make room the roster is getting trimmed. T.J Simers Fred Roggin are the first show hosts to get the ax from a major market and there will certainly be more to come....

So that's one radio show axed. How many more do you think will perish at the hands of DP? I'm officially calling this the Dan Patrick Effect and hope everyone in radio doesn't hate him for firing half of the country's Sports Talk hosts.


Personally, I had enjoyed listening to Fred Roggin, TJ Simers, and his daughter Tracy Simers for the past few months in the morning. They really seemed to coming into their own. It was fun listening to the dichotomy between Roggin and TJ, two very different LA sports personalities, while Tracy acted as the voice of reason in the crew. They discussed more than just sports, and they made my slow morning crawl across the 101 just a bit easier.

Also see Farther Off the Wall.

And there has been reaction from the hosts. SoCalSportsObserved quoted T.J. Simers:

"I made it very clear to management that this was killing me. I'm an old man. This was a tall order we took on. It was bigger than I thought. As recently as a couple of weeks ago I told them I couldn't do it every day. So I think it was pretty much understood that we were not going to continue in the same format," Simers said.

And Fred Roggin (Sports by Brooks is blocked by a corporate firewall, so I'm getting this from Awful Announcing):

"This is going to be our final show together on KLAC. Yesterday, [we received] the somewhat sobering, yet exciting news. As many of you know, Dan Patrick, who worked for ESPN for many years, left that network and became a free agent and decided to go with syndicated radio."

"As the story goes, as the crow flies, as the wind blows, Clear Channel, which owns this station, signed Dan Patrick. Dan Patrick needed a Los Angeles home. Given the fact that from the very beginning of our go-round here, it had been trumpeted that it was only going to last a year."

I haven't seen any reaction from Tracy Simers yet. The last post in her blog concerned pole dancing.

Will I try it again? Absolutely...after another shopping trip to TJ Maxx for stripper clothes!

However, most of the comments to this post had nothing to do with pole dancing.


My daughter and I listen to you, your dad and Fred each morning while I am taking her to school.

Your show was a refreshing way to start the morning.

We hope that you and your co-horts pick up another time frame....

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