Sunday, September 30, 2007

One of these good news, bad news things

Excerpts from a post at Obscure Sports Quarterly about the end of Roggin and Simers Squared:

It was announced this morning that Dan Patrick’s new radio show will be heard on KLAC, AM 570 in Los Angeles starting Monday (Oct. 1) from 6-9 a.m. (No link is available yet, so you’ll have to trust me — I heard it on the radio this morning).

Dan Patrick’s old radio show on ESPN Radio was easily the best sports radio show in the country and I’m thrilled that not only is he returning to the airwaves, but that I will be able to listen to it....

The return of the Dan Patrick Show comes at the expense of my 2nd favorite sports radio show and the only other one I listened to consistently.

Today was the last day of the Roggin and Simers Squared show, a show by local TV sports anchor Fred Roggin, L.A. Times columnist T.J. Simers and his daughter, Tracy Simers.

The trio were highly entertaining every morning, as they’d argue with each other over little things, but in a fun, entertaining way, not the Around the Horn yelling at each other type of way.

If only there was some way for KLAC to move them to a different time slot or keep them on the air in some capacity. They were easily the best show on that station and best sports radio show in L.A.

Roggin has his work at KNBC to fall back on, and T.J. Simers his column in the L.A. Times. I wonder what Tracy will do (she was an accountant before joining her father and Roggin on the radio show).

However, if the show returns with the current hosts, it sounds like it won't be on a daily basis, at least not with T. J. Simers.

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