Monday, September 10, 2007

Ontario, California and Illegal Immigration

Since I'm on the local kick, I'll go ahead and excerpt from this post:

I take offense whenever I hear that there are some jobs that Americans do not want to do. When times were tough and I was desperate fro work, I myself applied as a crop picker in Ontario, California and they looked at me like I was insane for even asking. As a matter of fact they would not even give me an application. How many times is it possible that this has happened to other American citizens? In the past our fast food industry was dependent upon school kids working to earn a little money, but now they have been replaced by illegal immigrants. Okay, not all are illegal, but I believe a vast majority are.

Of course, the only way for Bush to notice this would be if he were replaced by an illegal alien who would work more cheaply. And if said illegal alien actually enforced the border, you could argue that this was a job that an American (in this case, Bush) did not want to do.

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