Monday, September 10, 2007

For starters, you could change the airport's name

I'm in one of my Rita Moreno of Arte moods after reading this:

Ontario California Chamber of Commerce Hosts Inaugural Legislative Breakfast

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce cordially invites you to the Inaugural Legislative Fly In Breakfast. Breakfast will be served at 7:00a on Monday, September 17th at Guardian Jet Center located at 1150 S. Vineyard Avenue, Ontario, CA 91761. We invite you to join us and help the Ontario business community depart on their inaugural journey. Please RSVP to Ashley Sharkey at or 909.984.2458 by Friday, September 14th, 2007.

This Legislative Fly In is an innovative and exciting opportunity for the business community of Ontario because it gives us a chance to be seen and heard by our Federal decision makers in Washington D.C.

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of the Ontario business community with government. Business participation in the Chamber's effort is the most important part of the process in protecting our economic vitality. To that end, the Chamber's trip to Washington D.C. ensures the business community's voice is heard by decision makers in our national capitol.

This year's trip to Washington D.C. helps both our business leaders and our federal representatives understand the issues that impact our community the most. Our business leaders will gain insight on issues from experienced policy experts on Capitol Hill and from the US Chamber of Commerce. We will also prepare ourselves for a unique opportunity to engage our federal representatives on the important issues.

Aviation, International Trade, Housing and Urban Land Management, Workforce Development, Education, Healthcare, and Transportation

Breakfast Sponsored by:
Guardian Jet Center

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About Ontario Chamber of Commerce
Ontario businesses increasingly endorse the Chamber of Commerce. We continue to be recognized as a vital link between the city, state and regional parties of leadership, and act as the promoting entity for community spirit within the City of Ontario.


And check their blog, where they promote the city of - whoops, they're promoting the city of Los Angeles here.

But I will say one thing for them - they're apparently opposed to the Eyesore Project - namely, the Ontario Mountain Village Association's attempt to preserve an empty, graffiti-ridden, fenced up lot in some kind of weird do-goodism.

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