Thursday, September 27, 2007

OK, so some people are happy about the Roggin and Simers Squared cancellation

And not because of Fred Roggin.

Here's a comment taken from a blog post at The Big Lead. It differs from some of the other comments about the cancellation::

I’ve seen Simers talk a few times and have read a few articles. I’m glad he’s gone; bitter, bitter hack.

You might recall that Edclinch didn't care for T.J. Simers either. I checked edclinch's blog to see if it had any comments on the firings; it didn't.

Similarly, you'll recall that Ryan Jesena of LAist wasn't a fan of the show in general. Nothing new in LAist about the cancellation.

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Anonymous said...

And the final score....
Producer Laura - 1
Simers - 0

Sorry, Fred, you were just in the wrong place at the wrong tme.

Ontario Emperor said...

Maybe producer Laura 1/2. I doubt that she's going to be the senior producer of a nationally syndicated show. But I could be wrong.