Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Next they'll say that TJ lives where the 10, 210, and 57 freeways meet

This (taken from a betting site) was funny.

TJ Simers
We will be writing about TJ Simers shortly.

Variations of his name: TJ, Tracy, Tracey, Traci

Come to think of it, what DOES "T.J." stand for? Edclinch didn't know:

So here is a forum to reply to TJ, whatever that stands for, to get this off my chest:

TJ Simers, you are a good excuse to sell more papers, because only a rabble rouser and a complete whiner such as yourself could dominate a good paper and a good overall sports section as you have, for so long, and somehow pay the bills.

Maybe you were a fastidious worker once upon a time, perhaps you paid your dues and earned your stripes, but I can only go by the years (yes, years!), that I read you.

But in fairness and further review, you helped me have more confidence in my own writing style, voice, and critical mind as a sports fan and would-be writer. That is gratitude.

So in summation, I would like to publically thank you for being the real or pretended jerk that you may or not be.

But, however jerky he is, at least one other person will attend his birthday parties.

Date of Birth
2 September 1950

Does a radio show with his daughter, Tracy, who shares his birthday.

Los Angeles Times sports columnist. Named 2000 California Sportswriter of the Year by the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association.

I am assuming, by the way, that Simers considers himself a sportswriter rather than a sportscaster. Or does the organization only consist of people who are both sportscasters and sportswriters?

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