Saturday, September 29, 2007

And you thought we were done with shutdowns in Michigan

The car people are working, but the state workers may not be.

Some state workers have been told not to report to work on Monday. This comes as negotiations continue in Lansing over a budget plan that could avoid a partial government shutdown.

Workers were notified in letters from their department directors that they're being laid off temporarily due to funding losses in the state's current budget.

The letter also says the workers are expected to return to their jobs, "if, and when an agreement is reached."

Michigan State Police have also issued a statement announcing that they will be involved in a partial shutdown. During the shutdown, they will retain 222 uniform troopers, 15 sergeants, three lieutenants, and 27 emergency dispatchers statewide.

That represents a 90 percent reduction in MSP staff.

More details on the Michigan State Police shutdown:

The department's specialized services — including labs, commercial vehicle enforcement, drug enforcement operations, fugitive apprehension, casino gaming oversight, as well as fingerprint-based background checks, among others — will only be activated if the service "is deemed necessary to protect (against) imminent threats to public safety, health and welfare."

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Anonymous said...

you can bet that anyone who works with inmates in mi prisons will be on the job. you may not be able to get a license plate or food stamps to feed your kids, but inmate's every need will continue to be accommodated.