Saturday, September 29, 2007

The New Media Expo Post

No, I didn't go to the New Media Expo at the Ontario Convention Center. (Are the UFCW and OMVA still picketing outside?) I just read about it.


Simply enter an RSS XML to get a phone number for your podcast at the Phonecasting website has rolled out a new dynamic service for the on-the-go 'Mobile Generation'. Go to's home page and simply enter the RSS XML to your podcast and click 'Get Phone Number'. This is a dead-simple service that will allow anyone, anywhere, anytime to listen to podcasts on their mobile phone.

Michael Sharp, President and Founder of, speaking from the Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario, California says, "Any phone, landline or cell, can be a podcast player now. This service is so simple anyone could do it."

Howard Lindzon:

The New Media is so, well, new, success within it – taking your idea from the computer screen to the Big Dance that is Old Media – brings throngs of listeners eager to hear how you did it, and how they can do it, too.

But Howard Lindzon, creator of Wallstrip, a video podcast that followed that minors-to-majors path by being picked up by CBS for a reported $5 million, suggests more manageable goals that are truer to audience needs.

Lindzon delivered the keynote address this morning at the 3rd Annual Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario California.

The goal isn't, he said, to take to your show to television, but to let people consume you show where they want. Television, in most cases, is the competition.

Michael Geoghegan:

Michael Geoghegan, CEO of GigaVox Media, and co-author of Podcast Solutions spoke on selling the unique value of your content and how to determine what your show is worth along with conveying it to advertisers, sponsors and investors.

Geoghegan said that you need to invest in yourself and establish value through demographics and find out who your audience is by doing a survey. You can use Podtrac for a free survey, he uses Survey Monkey. He said to remember things constantly change and not to let information become stale.

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