Saturday, September 29, 2007

Does Bill Gates play with software on his birthday? Probably.

There was an ice show in Tampere, Finland recently.

Last night it was the premiere of Swan Lake on Ice in Tampere, by The Imperial Ice Stars. The background team includes f.ex. Evgeni Platov, Vladimir Kotin, Alaexander Svinin and 4-times oly gold medalist in gymnastics, Alexei Nemov. The choreo and direction is by Tony Mercer. The skaters are all from Russia or the former Soviet countries....

The group skating was a bit messy sometimes, and all in all, it was a very traditional show. The only one who had really good scene charisma was Andrei Penkine, who skated Benno´s part. He even made mere double axels look outstanding.

The scenes were beautiful, and the audience liked it a lot, they got a standing ovation. Even if I did not jump to my feet, I did enjoy that very much, so go and see the show if it comes nearby!

And who was in attendance? Tampere's favorite daughter:

Among the audience was the lovely Kiira Korpi, who was celebrating her 19th birthday yesterday with her family.

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u said...

I saw the show in Monaco recently. It is fabulous!

Though impressed with all the leading characters, I do love Andrei Penkine's Benno more, and I think the small role is very charmingly played.

I thought Sergei Sakhnovski has joined the company, but did not see him, did you?

u said...
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