Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Time Passages

It hit me this morning.

Do you know how long Big Brother has been on the air long enough in the United States?

Long enough that its "Internet expert" in the first season was from AOL.

So whatever happened to Regina Lewis? She's still around, with a new hairstyle and some non-AOL and non-CBS projects.

Regina Lewis...knows the tips, tricks, secrets and shortcuts for making technology work. She has her fingers on the pulse, offering up-to-the-minute advice on using modern means to simplify and enhance everyday life....

She sprang onto the national TV scene in 1999, first appearing on the CBS Early Show. Her no-nonsense style, approachable demeanor and modern sensibility catapulted her into a full-time role as an expert commentator for a wide range of national network and cable programs, including The Today Show, The View, ABC World News This Morning, Good Morning America & Rachael Ray along with multiple Fox News shows & weekly segments on CNN Headline News. It wasn't long until she was filling in for leading anchors on CNNfn's The Flip Side, as well as Money Gang where she shared the stage and interviewing tasks on the live, two-hour talk show.

Her versatile television career includes contributing to primetime reality series Big Brother, the first-run syndicated program EXTRA and hosting a 26-episode Parent Sense series for public television. On the entertainment side, she's hosted red carpet interviews for major events including the Grammy's and the world premiere of Harry Potter.

But she's still with AOL.

Regina serves as AOL's Consumer Advisor, helping build awareness surrounding key consumer topics, including how to save time and money online, keep kids safe and stay current.


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