Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I particularly enjoyed the Randy Travis reference, and Starbucks is simply wimpy

Losanjealous reports that Forever 21 includes a reference to John 3:16 on its shopping bags. (And yes, the post closes with the statement "Forever and ever 21, Amen." You gotta admire that.)

Obviously, this reminds one of similar labeling from In-N-Out, Alaska Airlines, and Bess Eaton.

And some people are completely freaked out by even the mere reference to a Bible verse:

I was folding up my bag from Forever 21 just now and I noticed “John 3:16″ printed on the bottom of the bag. What the –? Can someone tell me why Forever 21 is putting this on their bags? Are they owned by Christian evangelists?...

[k] yeah, i noticed that a long time ago, and was very unnerved by it....

[danielle] Not that you have In-n-Out in New York, but they put it on the bottom of all their drink cups too. Creepy....

[leah, in reference to restrictions on religion in public schools] ...it just so happens that there is more than one faith in the United States. Sure, Forever 21 is a privately owned company, and they have the right to do what they want, but unfortunately for the Pledge of Allegiance and public schools, the Constitution says “freedom of religion”. That means that although the U.S.’s majority, Christians cannot impose their views on the millions of Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and other religions that practice here.
Oh, and incase you think I’m some flag-burning atheist, I’m not. I’m Catholic. Yeah, Catholic....

[zaya] I grew up Christian, going to church twice a week for quite some time, I know the religion and have since chosen a different path- While I have no problem with freedom of speech and the expression of ideas and personal passions, when the particular statement condemns all those not worshipping and following a certain entity to a life of eternal damnation…you bet it’s a little creepy. That message is only uplifting to those that feel safely sheltered under it, everybody else goes to hell.
Sorry~ not the God I would like to wear on my body~!...

[brett] Jesus is creepy.

And then the discussion went on from there...all due to one simple verse. Although the word "fascist" wasn't used, the conversation eventually veered into fascist territory.

the jews are BARKING about the 6 million of them that died? im not saying that it wasn’t over 50 years ago, but try losing three quarters of your family because some ass killed them all and then you tell me about barking. its not like they’re complaining about something inconsequential. i agree with the point that the 3:16 thing is not a big deal, just dont look at the bottom of the bag. but watch what you compare things to, a quote in a clothing bag is not the holocaust.

And Ellen seems to be a little confused about what Forever 21 is selling.

I love the fact that they put the scripture verse John 3:16 on the bottom of all their bags and cups!!

And an unnamed sales associate got angry when he/she realized what else Forever 21 was selling.

I always noticed the John 3:16 at the bottom of the shopping bags at forever 21 but never thought much of it. I started working there a couple months ago and today when we got a new shipment of clothes i noticed two new t shirts that referenced the bible. One of them said, “The Lord is my navigator” and the other said, “Get Connected” with a huge cross on it. The back of the “lord is my navigator” shirt was the John 3:16 verse. When i saw this i was deeply angered. If Forever 21 wants to incorporate religion into their clothes then they should include all major religions because not all of their customers are Christian. The John 3:16 verse has a negative connotation because ultimately in saying, those that believe in him will not perish, it is insinuating that those who don’t believe in him will perish. It is sending an ignorant message to their teenage consumers by not accepting diversity by not including other religions. Along with being a “good christian” like their clothes advocates you have to consider what else goes along with that. Who are considered the good christians in the U.S? It’s the people rallying outside of abortion clinics telling women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies. It’s the people who are against same sex marriages. Really, it just isn’t clothes, it is a lot more than that. It is the message they are sending to its gullible, ignorant, young consumers that goes beyond just religion. And if the owner of Forever 21 is really that holy of a person then why did the store get a, “Got Beer?” t shirt just a few weeks ago, knowing full well that their clothes targets young teenage girls. What kind of mixed messages are they sending out now?

And people say the wisdom of the world is logical. On the one hand, the writer is complaining that Forever 21 isn't diverse enough (where are the "Allah Rules" t-shirts?), yet on the other hand, the writer is complaining the Forever 21 is too diverse (the "Got Beer?" reference).

And Starbucks thinks that a Rick Warren quote on their cups might incite controversy. Let's face it, Starbucks are wimps. Starbucks would never dare quote from The Real Thing, like Forever 21 and In-N-Out do. (And I bet some businesses place Quran quotes on their products also.)


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