Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Some good out of the Mooninite hoopla

Ran across this recently:

Fifty one teenagers are going to be working in city departments this summer because of a botched guerilla advertising campaign. Money the Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) paid to Somerville as a result of costs incurred during the infamous “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” scare on Jan. 31 will be used to fund jobs for city youth.

On Jan. 31, devices were installed throughout the Boston area, including Sullivan Square in Somerville, by Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens as part of an elaborate national guerrilla marketing campaign. They were taken to be suspicious, prompting authorities to close down major road and waterways to investigate.

TBS admitted responsibility and apologized for the misunderstanding. As part of a settlement with the Attorney General’s office, TBS paid Somerville $69,000, all of which – plus another $11,000 from the city --- is going to fund part of Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone’s Summer Jobs program.

Presumably the teens won't be posting a lot of advertisements around the city.

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