Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I suspect some land in Utah will be next - Jonathan Lee Riches Sues the I35W Bridge


Jonathan Lee Riches needs a job - cleaning toilets, sweeping floors, anything that tires out his hand so he can no longer file ridiculous lawsuits.

His latest, which I'm sure will upset the people of Minnesota, was just filed on August 20, according to Dreadnaught.

Yes, Jonathan Lee Riches has sued the Interstate 35W Bridge that recently collapsed, along with some other bridges and a few human defendants.

Perhaps in the future, relatives of the bridge collapse victims will file a suit of their own. But I doubt that their suit will include claims such as these:

2. Defendant’s are in a vast conspiracy to sabotage bridges around the country, including; I-35W, Silver Bridge in Ohio, Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa, Covered Bridges in Pennsylvania.

3. My Identity was stolen from Defendants. My credit was used to purchase imported steel from Japan’s Nippon Co. Defendants also bought Home Depot Lumber.

4. I witnessed Defendants trading secrets with International cartels and cabals, Blueprints and demolition of bridges.

5. Defendant’s placed obese people beside the victims on I-35W prior to bridge falling. Thus put strains on the concrete.

6. I-35W was sabotage created by Defendants to Justify more federal funding at the expense of tax payers. The Governor has a secret plan to put toll roads around the city, and charge people entering the city, RFID chip people entering the state.

I do have to admit, however, that Riches appears to have a sense of humor:

8. Defendants are in a conspiracy with Alaska Senator Ted Stevens to build a bridge to nowhere.


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Crazy Lady With Dogs said...

Jonathan Lee Riches is becoming a celebrity. The Washington Post has called him a creative genius, and wrote up a full catalouge/tribute of his most colorful lawsuits. Amazing what some idiots can achieve.