Friday, August 31, 2007

BlogDay 2007 -

After reading an Independent Sources blog post which combined scientific study and Jessica Alba, I ended up reading this post at the blog It discussed the same subject, with a post that was written several years before the Cambridge scientists started ogling - I mean researching:

Singh has shown that there is a preference among men for a certain waist-to-hip ratio in females. A 70% waist-to-hip ratio indicates, apparently, health and fertility in the woman, and is the male ideal. This holds up across different cultures, suggesting, like the Buss (1989) sex differences in mate preferences, that it is a universal reality.

Lately, however, the blog has focused on subjects that don't seem to relate to Marilyn Monroe - specifically, WordPress; Skype and LinkSys products; and geocaching.


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yummymummy said...

I think that, out of all your choices, this one is my favourite :-)

+ Thanks for dropping in to visit
my blog


Ontario Emperor said...

It was a fun exercise, since I forced myself to simply search for new blogs that I hadn't encountered previously. There's a ton of stuff out there.