Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I stand corrected...or maybe not

Back when I wrote my campaign spin, I thought that the real candidates would exceed the ridiculousness of my little campaign.

But somehow, I can't picture Obama and Clinton throwing over-ripe avocados at each other, as Clifford at Red Stick Rant proposes (after reading my purple flat rant).

The scary part is, I will probably be right - the real candidates probably WILL do something more ridiculous. We just have to wait.

P.S. to Clifford - I voted for myself. My mom probably abstained.

P.P.S. - I know very little about Episcopal politics, but if an Episcopal Bishop has the last name of "Pope," wouldn't it make sense that he leave?


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.....CLIFFORD said...


1. If the Yearly Kos folks or the NEA demamded it, I'm sure the over-ripe fruit would fly.

2. You are right - the candidates, both Democrat and Republican, will find a way to do something more rediculous. I don't think we'll have to wait long. (See Pakistan, threated invasion of.)

3. I shouldn't have dragged you mom into this. Sorry.

4. The Episcopalians having a "Pope" is just as strange as the Roman Catholics having a "Cardinal Sin." (Really. He was in Asia somewhere.)

Peace, friend.


Ontario Emperor said...

I've heard of the Cardinal (Philippines, maybe?) but never thought of the ramifications of his name.

Is it OK if I put some sprouts on my over-ripe avocado?

.....CLIFFORD said...

Sprouts? But of course!

Do you mind if I put some Tony Chachere's on mine?(http://www.tonychachere.com/seasoning/index.cfm) We put it on near about everything down here.