Saturday, July 7, 2007

What is navapsvc.exe?

Here's how answers this question.

Process name: Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect Service
Product: Norton Antivirus
Company: Symantec
File: navapsvc.exe

And here are some of the relevant user comments on this process:

[Cosmin] it eats my cpu

[brian the webmaster guru] navaspscv.exe is a phone home cookie for norton anti-virus, located in the general index.dat file group folder. any history eraser program will delete it. This 'file' can allow anyone with some 'script' knowhow to easily give you a remote trojan. Norton came with my new computer but i am uninstalling Norton and replacing with Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro (the best )

[zhang zhonghua] it occupy too much memory,about 50MB

[Mark] It consumes 70-100% CPU on my NEW PC!

[John] Bring up task manager and see if photoshopelementsdeviceconnect is running. If it is, end the task and see if navapsvc.exe stops eating up all the cpu time. I stopped photoshopelementsdeviceconnect.exe from running all the time by using msconfig and unchecking it under the services tab.

More on photoshopelementsdeviceconnect later.


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