Saturday, July 7, 2007

navapsvc.exe and high CPU usage - run Trend Micro?!?

For the specific issue of high CPU usage, PC Pit Stop has some information.

thehawk8:05pm Sat May 1 2004

Recently I've experienced navapsvc.exe (Norton AntiVirus) using a high percentage of my CPU and slowing my computer down to a crawl at times. I've worked through the basic solutions given on Symantec site without relief. I'm running Windows XP Pro (up-to-date). Are there known conflicts with other programs that may also be running in the background (i.e. ZoneAlarm Pro, Mail Washer Pro, Spy Sweeper, Etc)? Appreciate any suggestions or solutions anyone has regarding this problem. Thanks. thehawk

In this case, the response to thehawk's worries about a high percentage of navapsvc.exe CPU time was to obtain every spyware and other program imaginable, including Ad-Aware, TrendMicro (run TrendMicro on a Norton program???), cwshredder, Spy Sweeper, Spy Bot, PC Pitstop, Spysweeper, ad nauseum.

None of them fixed the problem.


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