Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We've come a long way from Bob Marley - Mary Banks and the Trinity Broadcasting Network

It took me a while to get from Bob Marley to Paul Crouch, but I've finally arrived.

We've just been looking at the teachings of Mary Banks, who is connected to Judy Mowatt, who is connected to Rita Marley, who is connected to Bob.

Not surprisingly, some of Mary Banks' views on human perfection have resulted in a bit of criticism from the orthodox.

Discover the other half of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! This is the message the Lord wants the Body of Christ to hear." "Mary Banks is a leader and a prophetic voice to a church that has been fed heresy and lies for many years."

She says we are the "offspring of God" literally and are perfect. That we can live without ever sinning. This deceived and deceiving woman has taken a wrong turn spiritually and is teaching things that are her own thoughts and not the Bible.

Attention then turns to one of Bank's promotional avenues.

It is unimaginable that TBN is doing a produced special on her "new doctrine". She seems to be bitter at her early church experience. Pray that it does not air.

When Matt Crouch asked her what the Lord spoke to her about when she was listening to her Pastor, she never answered honestly and spoke her new doctrine instead. She is confusing to listen to and has strange ideas. She does not point you toward the Lord as much as she is drawing you into herself. When Jesus said "It is finished", He did not mean what she is espousing.

TBN needs to be corrected earnestly, as they are allowing more and more influxes of New Age and self determined ministers teaching things that "they heard from God", not from the Bible, but are "corrections" to the Bible.

Her being successful does not secure she is perfect. We are not perfect and we cannot be. The word in the Bible means mature, and relying upon God. She is mixing truths with lies and that is what a cult leader or false teacher does. Ask the Lord for wisdom and be careful not to compromise.

If you can find the/her words from the interview on Thursday night with Matt and Laurie Crouch you will be shocked and concerned.

In another post (taken from the FACTNet Message Board) the focus is very much on Trinity Broadcasting Network:

They are going off into some tangents now. When you have no accountability board, and when Matt Crouch is making spiritual decisions when he is a technician and not a spiritual leader then errors will occur. There is something new/ very wrong happening at/through TBN.

His mom [Jan Crouch] has new age elements and strange personna and she is thought of as too much of spiritual authority because she is wealthy and decides programming. There's a website where there are articles re owning 11 houses next to the studio in CA and an entire development in Texas worth millions. These are facts. They own other personal property that is just too much.

I addressed this in another blog back in 2004. TBN said this about their properties: "Regarding the various real properties mentioned, all are owned by TBN, not Dr. and Mrs. Crouch, and they are used for multiple purposes, including program settings, and temporary housing for network guests, contractors and agents. In addition, such properties represent alternative investment vehicles that provide appreciably better returns then bank CDs, savings accounts, and bond funds, etc." But back to FACTNet.

She has an addiction with buying antiques and many of the items are pagan depictions which she doesn't care about when its mentioned. Hair is false and strange and her make up is thick and voice a characture, that is a concerning pathology and shows that she is sick partially. She is hiding the real her. She is very sweet, too too sweet on TV and from what has been written is hot tempered and very controlling at home or in private. The duality is a concern. The articles say they drink and other things that if true they need to repent.

Incidentally, I do not believe that abstinence is commanded in the Bible.

If [Jan Crouch] is acting as a false authority then she will be open to false authorities like Mary Banks. Serious situation spiritually. They should not broadcast the production featuring her self made doctrine....

If you say this to TBN they will brand as you heresy hunters. That is a disturbing arrogance. Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.

Sell the antiques depicting pagan rituals and dieties...

No, I don't know the difference between a Christian diet and a New Age diet.

...and get a new and wholesome accountability board.

TBN and the Crouches, owe that to all of us no matter how successful they are right now. That could change if they continue in the course of false doctrines, "new gospels" and imagination.

Clarence MClendon is another false leader on the network that they refuse to hear the Lord about.

Is this love, is this love? Yes it is.

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