Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's not the Biblie...or is it?

Yes, I found the Bible Teachers International Ministries with whom Judy Mowatt has been associated.

Here's information from their "About" page (actually the page for the Mary Banks Global Training Center):

Is there a call on your life?

We are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors & teachers, committed to discipling & training the Body of Christ....

If you feel there is a call on your life & YOU want to walk in your destiny and the mind and heart of the Father, then you have come to the right place! Our curriculum is designed to instruct, lead & guide you into God's purpose for your life. We have a large international staff dedicated to helping you succeed....

You may not feel you are ready to launch out in ministry yet, but want to know the Lord in a more intimate way. Then you too have come to the right site. In addition to our ministerial courses, we have a complete library of books, CD's & DVD's that will deliver you into the heart & mind of God....

Even if you do not know your calling but want to learn all you can about serving the Lord and ministry or receive a working knowledge of the scriptures, then MBGTC is for you.

Here's some information about the curriculum. Keep an eye out for the "s" word, or, for that matter, the "f" word.

Our ministerial courses are foundational biblical studies that progressively train you to know God’s heart and mind for His people. You will also be provided with “hands-on” training that will prepare you to operate in your ministerial calling. All courses are revelatory and based on the pure Word of God. Each course provides you with “life-changing” principles capable of renewing your mind, bringing you to a clear understanding of who you are in Christ. The concentration of each program is designed to equip you with a “Sure Word” which will enable you to manifest Christ-like character. You will obtain the wisdom to walk in the principles of holiness, knowledge and an understanding of how to demonstrate an exemplary walk among God’s people.

That's right - no mention of sin or faith, but a lot of mention of works. But let's go to ANOTHER Mary Banks website and read about her book "Be Ye Perfect."

Be Ye Perfect by Mary Banks

Destroying any Mindset that Exalts itself above the Knowledge of God. Learn how the Doctrine of the "Dual Nature" has grossly undermined the work of the cross and kept the saints of God vacilating in and out of sin and emotional trauma. This and other such doctrines were developed out of the failure of men to walk in the righteousness of God. These falsehoods portray our Father as an impotent God, unable to perfect His new creation. But this simply is not true! God has sent a sure word into the Body that will perfect us and bring us to the fulness of the stature of Jesus Christ.

I don't quite follow how OUR sinfulness demonstrates the impotence of God, but...


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ladynada said...


because we generally are not set apart from people who are wordly... and we do not speak differently - we make God look like He is impotent

I hung out on an ungodly forum most of 2006 and discovered what many people think of Christians - and it is not good.

I wonder what Mary Banks covers in her book?

might be helpful to us.

you have a nice blog