Thursday, July 12, 2007

This collection is not from Amy Grant

A post that I made last year in the Ontario Technoblog continues to elicit views and compliments. In short, if you suddenly are not getting sound on your cellular telephone, your volume may have been turned down inadvertently. Noah82 tells how to solve this for the Motorola Q (without the Good software), though similar tips work for the Blackjack. Here's Noah82:

When you are on the home screen, hold down the jog dial button until you see "Earpiece Volume". Then, you should be able to move the jog dial up and you will have sound again

Other than that, and a few more recent contributions to the world's knowledge, all that I've really been doing is popularizing bizarre phrases. If you haven't seen these posts, be sure to check out the posts that include the phrases:

This is starting to sound like an old SNL routine about people reliving their high school days. What can you expect? I'm a MySpace user. Though you have to admit that Facebook didn't benefit Miss New Jersey all that much.

Might as well confess that there's a nude picture of me on the Internet. Of course, it's a baby picture...

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