Saturday, July 7, 2007 and navapsvc.exe

There was a little more information at

The process Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect Service belongs to the software Norton AntiVirus or Norton Internet Security or Norton SystemWorks or navapsvc.exe or Norton SystemWorks 2005 Premier or Norton AntiVirus Auto Protect Service or Perfect Companion for Windows by Symantec Corporation (

Description: navapsvc.exe is located in a subfolder of "C:\Program Files" or sometimes in a subfolder of the "My Files" folder - e.g. C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\. Known file sizes on Windows XP are 177264 bytes (32% of all occurrence), 139936 bytes, 158848 bytes, 116336 bytes, 116344 bytes, 158664 bytes, 128112 bytes, 176768 bytes, 133744 bytes, 115872 bytes, 158376 bytes, 128160 bytes, 174208 bytes, 127088 bytes, 115792 bytes, 159344 bytes, 116392 bytes, 116328 bytes, 133792 bytes, 139888 bytes.

The program is not visible. It is a Verisign signed file. The file is digitally signed. navapsvc.exe is not a Windows system file. Therefore the technical security rating is 17% dangerous.

And again we have some user comments:

Process was CPU hog. At 60-75% of CPU. Stopped Picasa2 and CPU use instantly dropped to 1-2%. Thanks to sideshow for tip to stop Picasa media detector!

Indeed cpu consuming file from Norton. Guess this happens when your subscription is no longer valid. Try update with Live Update or close Norton Anti Virus...

I uninstalled photoshop, still nothing. Its just sitting there eating up my CPU

It seems to be part of Norton Suite, seems to be uncompatible with Photoshop products, unactive, uninstall Adobe Photoshop Downloader and the CPU time usage will drop.
Mario R

I go into task manager, end the process by right clicking in the file name. Shut down task manager the right click the norton icon in the taskbar and re-enable it. It no longer uses up resources. It just started acting up all of a sudden.

Was never aqn issue until recently on my PC - now consumes 40-55% of CPU - I select 'end process' on task manager then re-enable auto-protect and the issue is solved - well for the time being!

John's advice worked for me. My cpu usage fell from a constant 50-ish to under 5% the second I killed the photoshopelementsdeviceconnect process.

Thanks for the clue about photoshop elements. I use a CRe500 i APP USB card reader for my photo work. It appears that Photoshop Elements keeps checking to see if I inserted a card with any photos. Every time it does this navapsvc does its job an trys to check a file coming from a removeable device. This causes the system to trash. Unpluging the USB card reader fixes the problem until the next time you need to read a card.

Hmm, photoshopelementsdeviceconnect again. But is this the solution?


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