Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Judy Mowatt, Boston Theological, and the Biblie

Yet another story about Judy Mowatt, moving toward our ultimate goal. This is from "Boston Theological."

In 1995, a friend invited her to a crusade held by BIBLIE (sic) TEACHERS INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY, there was an altar call and JUDY still remembers wanting to go to the altar, but looking around at the congregation, it seemed to her, that they could all read her mind. She could imagine it being in the media the next day and was not sure that she was ready for that kind of publicity. However, when the last person walked to the altar, the Holy Spirit suddenly moved her, from heir seat towards the altar. Midway down the isle, the preacher held on to her hand and said, "If you didn't come, I was coming to get you". She prayed for JUDY saying, "Lord she has searched for you in different places and the image she has of you is a false representation." The preacher was a woman from overseas so it was impossible for her to know hey inner thoughts. This had to be the discerning of the Holy Spirit. She knew instantly this marked the end of her search. "Jesus is the Way, the truth and the light."

Several months following that revelation, she came to face with two of the most difficult situations in her life when she had to draw on the grace of God through the Holy Ghost along with spiritual support from her pastor then, Bishop Dr. Sam Vassel of the Holiness Christian Fellowship and her friends in the Christian Community.

JUDY MOWATT is now a born-again, spirit-filled child of God and is now a member of THE BIBLIE (sic) TEACHERS INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES, since her turning-point experience. She has broadened her repertoire with a series of gospel songs and is now busily spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She released her second gospel album entitled "SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW" in November 2OO2.

So, let's find out about the Biblie. (You'd think a non-Christian would have coined that misspelling; has a nice ring to it for them.)


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