Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rastafari Response to Judy Mowatt's Conversion

Yup, there's a war going on:

It is true at its core a Rastaman is an enlightened being, he has come to "know thyself" or know himself and also to know for himself-but all who claim to be Rastafari are not so or have not reached this high point of knowledge or as I/I say overstanding...concerning the holy sacrament ganja word taken from the east Indian Sadhus who wore locks came to the island from India and just like the ganja seed itself did not come from India save by way of Japan and its Zen way of life, the seed of Rastafari is Zen passive, did not take its root in Jamaica but was a seed broadcast throughout the known world by reggae artist mainly the prophet of the movement Bob Marley, so the tree grew in another place. Like the ganja seed in India etc., the weed is synonymous with slavery i.e., it is criminalized for the smoking of it brings liberation and insight into nature, therefore we say it is "just a closer walk with thee" it is as John the Baptist crying in the wilderness before the coming of the lord [law] or light, meaning overstanding, or it is called Mary who gave birth to the baby Jesus...

Again, concerning the ones who of high profile converted to fundamentalist Christianity i.e., Tommy Cowan and Judy Mowatt of the I-three's fame, they were never Rastafari they were only agents of Satan used only a while they went a step backwards. Remember, "evil is oft times ignorance not knowing itself to be so "in this Rastafari paper I would like to present the words of a person I have never met, and he is not aware that I use his words here save his words will fit perfect for this is indeed truth..."May 1, 1999 33 years after His Majesty's visit...

So, was Haile Selassie an agent of Satan also, since he didn't believe in his own divinity?

If you wish to continue to read, the paper talks about Dr. Miguel F. Brooks, a Seventh Day Adventist who became a Rastafari.


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TTI said...

Judy Mowatt always read the Bible as she was taught to read it one chapter a day as I was. I saw Her read Bible one Chapter a day and she told me she enjoyed it for years. (takes 3 1/2 yrs)and this was years before as you call her conversion as I read the same Bible as Judy, I never understood her this so called conversion. Christ is Christ, Selassie is Selssie.

Ontario Emperor said...

I believe that Christians and Rastafarians of various stripes would agree that one could read the Bible without understanding it. This page, referencing Ephesians 3, makes a point of noting that the meaning of the Bible is revealed through the Holy Spirit. In many cases (examples abound in the Gospels) the meaning of the spoken words sails right over the people who hear them.

tti said...

Ah! She feels the Spirit now. So she has step back into the World.

Didnt I read this is Satans World?