Monday, July 9, 2007

Apparently the corporate firewalls didn't go up all that high.

Remember my Dinovite post in the Ontario Empoblog? Despite that blog's death, the post continues to get comments. Here's a sample:

"We just got Dynovite for our dog Kodiak a few days ago. We've added it to his dry dog food, and did moisten it as the directions tell us to. He will not eat his food w/ the dynovite mixed in. We finally got him to eat it w/ sloppy joes. I need ideas of what else we can add it too."

"I have a APBT, about 3.5yrs, and he's been really in a constant fight with his skin/allergy for about 1.5yrs now.. and I just started Dinovite about aweek ago. Ive been just putting it in the rice, carrots, and tuna, I make him...he just gobbles it down.. I think he likes the stuff.. either way, Ive notice hes alittle more spunky.. but its early and Im really hoping it helps his skin."

Now the blog is getting pet tips that are unrelated to Dinovite:

My dog had an ear infection and we tried putting a scoop of plain yogurt on his food. not only did it clear up the ear, but all the dogs LOVE the yogurt. Put it on anything and they will eat it. Don't use those fancy fruit filled yogurts, just plain vanilla. They have not had gas problems since we startes this either

Now I know how Mika Brzezinski must feel. This blog discusses religion, politics, technology, but it's ignored in favor of a dog post in the old blog.

So why didn't the cat story take off? Because people couldn't relate to it. Most people don't move from Hawaii to San Bernardino. (There's a reason for that.) But if a story captivates the reader, and causes the reader to think about his or her own pet, then you've got pay dirt. I guess it hit the news criteria buttons.


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