Friday, June 29, 2007

Meme of the Week or Sumfin, from Mrs. Loquacious

Woman likes her memes. I decided to play along.

- - -

The rules are simple. There are 9 questions (3², each of which has 3 answers, to give a total of 27, or 3³. The whole point is that the questions are somewhere between eclectic, banal and downright bizarre, so that you can answer completely truthfully without actually giving much away. Just put down the first three answers that come to mind if you can’t work out the “most appropriate” three.

Objects Within One Metre Of You

1. Computer
2. Cell phone
3. Data for rush hour commute route chart (don't ask)

First Names of People You Sat Next To At School

1. Robert. Never became a priest, got married, active Catholic layperson in Tennessee.
2. Gini. Watched me draw stuff during math class.
3. Nancy. In my yearbook, she wrote "Remember me always." I did.

Programs You Won’t Watch

1. Nancy Grace.
2. 30 Rock.
3. Entertainment Tonight.

Favourite Trivial Pursuit Categories
(I'm making these categories up - I haven't played the game since the 1980s, when I made the mistake of beating my then-boss at it)

1. History
2. Popular Music
3. Literature

Superpowers You’d Like To Have

1. Invisibility.
2. Transportability.
3. Ability to stop time.

Newspapers, Magazines or Periodicals Read Regularly

1. InformationWeek

Songs You Dislike

1. Pleasure Little Treasure - Depeche Mode
2. Don't Box Me In - Stan Ridgway and Stewart Copeland
3. I Started a Joke - Bee Gees

Blog Posts of Your Own That You’d Recommend

1. My Finnish parody of the Women's Wear Daily article
2. My transcript of the Kobe Bryant Living Spaces commercial
3. My David Bryne/Laurie Anderson parody

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Mrs. Loquacious said...

I agree with you on Nancy Grace. I would never watch that b*tch on TV. She makes a mockery out of journalism and I find her annoying.