Thursday, April 26, 2007

Written Inc. Enters Mrontemp

So I'm sitting at my desk, reading my print edition of InformationWeek (unlike InfoWorld, InformationWeek has remained old-school), and I ran across this quote in an article entitled "RIM Service Outage Leads To 'BlankBerrys' And Questions."

RIM needs to show that it's making appropriate changes to avoid a repeat performance, says Carmi Levy, an analyst with Info-Tech Research Group. "This wasn't just a slowdown," Levy adds. "This affect the majority of RIM's global user base."

Ah, Carmi Levy.

His blog Written Inc. was on the blogroll of the Ontario Empoblog, and I've referenced his work several times on my old Ontario Technoblog (most frequently in relation to laptop batteries that caught fire).

It's interesting to note that Levy's first appearance in the Technoblog had to do with the lawsuit against RIM. At the time Levy praised RIM's victory, noting that "life will get tougher on companies whose business model consists of using patents to sue successful vendors instead of competing for clients and markets."

Ironically, the InformationWeek article again praises competition - this time at the expense of RIM, as the Veterans Administration considers moving to a Windows Mobile platform.


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Anonymous said...

How does someone send you an e-mail off this blog?

Anonymous said...

I guess you would respond directly to the requester.